Founded by journalists Greg and Spencer Leech, and product guru James Brandt, INFO MOTO has brought a loud new voice to the Australian motorcycle media landscape.

INFO MOTO has one primary aim – a kinda novel one when it comes to bike news and product testing. And that is, to give real world, truthful advice. The truth. If it’s good, well, we’ll tellya. If it’s not, you’ll hear about that too.

Can you handle the truth?


Snag’s career in motoring journalism spans 26 years with stints at major bike mags Australian Road Rider, Motorcycle Trader and AMCN along with contributions to just about every other outlet worth a hill of beans. He was editor of Unique Cars magazine and hosts his legendary podcast ‘Snag Says’ when he gets off his date. He’s our host, along with reviewing and grumbling. You’ll get used to it. He specialises in swearing and introversion, hates people who take themselves too seriously and marks hard. What could possibly go wrong..?



James Brandt INFO MOTOJames’ bike career spans just about his whole life, from terrorising Sunbury locals on dirt bikes from the age of eight, to stints at premier bike magazine MCN in the UK. His enthusiastic ability to research a product is of legend and you can be certain his OCD will ensure no stone is unturned to get to the heart of a bike or product. And, he’s more than happy to offer his opinion. He specialises in overdoing everything, rides a manically equipped BMW R 1200 GS and can’t get enough of adventure riding.



Spencer has a keen eye for hard news, and does some of his best living on deadline day. He loves more than anything to travel on his motorcycle, and is adamant that Melbourne Bitter is a world-class lager. He also knows how to operate the big computery thing in the office and has an Adobe membership. By night, Spencer shreds the keytar in little-known Melbourne cover band Midnight Medley.



Contributors: Alex Jovanovic, Roderick Eime, Grant Roff, Guy Allen, Ian Falloon, Blaz Robar, Shannon Hill (i4Media), Luke ‘Lukey Luke’ Follacchio



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