In 2019, James Brandt, as well as father-son team Greg and Spencer Leech launched INFO MOTO – a completely new take on bike journalism in Australia. Having spent collective decades working for established automotive media outlets, we felt that there was an opportunity to go out on our own. To put it frankly, we knew that we could do it better.

While INFO MOTO has evolved beyond our expectations, our initial goal has never changed, and will never change. That is, to tell you, the reader, the truth.

This means that we do not let commercial interests get in the way of providing the facts to our readers. We value integrity above all else, and we believe this is why we have nurtured such a strong following.

Our proudest achievement is our readership. The community at INFO MOTO is vibrant, and smart, and can spot the difference between good and poor journalism. Servicing that readership remains our number one focus.

The many comments and messages keep us motivated to continue to feed the ravenous beast that is online publishing, and to maintain our standard of quality and accuracy.

Our motorcycle news content continues to be among the most journalistically stringent in the world, and regular contributions from industry greats like Grant ‘Spannerman’ Roff and Ian Falloon give us an unmatched store of bike wisdom.

We have set the foundation, but there’s so much more we will do. More bikes, more fun.

A cornerstone of INFO MOTO is being first to the important stories, and knowing how to analyse and translate corporate jargon into the truth. We believe regurgitating press releases is simply not good enough.


For advertising queries please send an email to admin@infomoto.com.au, or contact us via one of the below addresses. INFO MOTO offers a range of bespoke opportunities for companies relevant to the motorcycle industry and/or motorcycling culture.

Spencer Leech
Ph: 0414 777 520
Email: spencer@infomoto.com.au

James Brandt
Ph: 0410 295 480
Email: james@infomoto.com.au

Greg Leech
Ph: 0417 012 495
Email: greg@infomoto.com.au

Contributors: Mark Fattore, Alex Jovanovic, Roderick Eime, Grant Roff, Ian Falloon, Blaz Robar, Shannon Hill (i4Media), Luke ‘Lukey Luke’ Follacchio

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