Eric Bana joins INFO MOTO Team members Snag and Jimmy on a three-day, 1300km camping roadtrip. Yes, things happened.

It’s hard enough for me to live inside my helmet so it’s time you suffered a bit too. You see, 2021 was a challenging year for all of us and Business Manager Jim and myself were just about wrung out.

OK. The truth is Spencer does all the real work, but we left him handcuffed to his computer to keep doing everything this time while we decompressed on the road. Camping, scratching, laughing. You know how it goes.

Eric Bana and Greg Leech: BMW adventure bike touring

The plan was simple enough. Leave Melbourne, head to the magnificent seaside hamlet of Lake Tyers beach in East Gippsland. Visit our lovely host Anne-Maree, eat drink and be merry. That much, we achieved.

Day two took us across the top on the most magnificent Great Alpine Way, through Falls Creek and into Beechworth. Set up tents in Lake Sambell near Beechworth. Eat, drink and be merry.

Day three saw us meander through the wonderful King Valley gourmet region, taking in the iconic and demanding Mansfield Whitfield Road, pulling into Melbourne in the late afternoon. Hot, tired and happy.

And it went mostly like that. Mostly.

A sneaky puncture, the subsequent roadside repair, a broken pannier bracket that led to some terrible teasing of my good self and a mental storm that had us checking the bible for dimensions of the ark had their mischievous effect.

Yep, watch the video. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. I did.

Love, Snaggy.

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