Triumph has seriously upped the ante with the new Rocket 3 Storm range. Think big, in your face, unapologetic and wild ­– I couldn’t wait to get amongst it.

So some context before the fun, there are two variants to consider here, the Rocket 3 Storm R at which comes in at $38,890 and the Rocket 3 Storm GT at $39,890. The bikes make the same performance figures and share most dimensions, but differences twixt the Storm R and the Storm GT are as follows.

The GT has three-position laterally adjustable forward-mount footpegs, taller screen and swept-back handlebars, a lower ride height, heated grips and a pillion seat backrest. The R has three-position vertically adjustable mid-mounted pegs, a taller ride height, and a flatter, sportier handlebar setup.

Now. The stuff that really matters… In this caper, I get to ride a lot of motorcycles. It’s in the job description. I try to evaluate each and every one on its merits, objectively. Like, where the thing fits in its intended market, how its built, price, performance, grouse bits, shortcomings. All important parameters, but well, a little bland at times.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm review

It’s not often I ride a bike that makes me laugh like a drain, swear out loud in my helmet with astonishment, pushes my riding skills and puts my licence at real risk. Well, the Storms did all that and more. Exciting? You betcha.

Before you get too excited, I have to point out that the market for the Storms will not be huge. You see, it’s not a commuter, it’s not a tourer and it would be utterly useless off road. So, the volume sales that those markets represent are not in the picture. You can do those things, but that would miss the point of the bikes’ strong suit.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm review

Which is? Thought you’d never ask. Outright, mad grunt. Insane, wild excitement. And I love that shit. Truly.

Indeed, where these really work is easily defined in three areas. None of them have a thing to do with pragmatism Poindexter, but for mine, they are mandatory for me to consider the purchase of a particular motorcycle.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm review

Ready? Number 1 is: Fun. Number 2: Quality engineering. Number 3: Holy Shit!

Put simply, I wanna enjoy my ride in spades. I wanna show it to my mates and bask in the compliments on its build and, the most important factor of all, I wanna be blindly astounded by sheer performance. And the Storms nail that area smack-bang between the eyes.

Put it this way… Cardigan wearers need not apply.

So, some eyewatering stats to back up all that hyperbolic Snagsteria. Buckle up – the specs are as astounding on paper as they are in the metal.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm review

Cop this… The longitudinal triple engine has a displacement of 2458cc. Yep, 2.5 litres just to round things out. That makes it the largest production motorcycle engine in the world. Bar none. Its performance figures see 134kW at 7000rpm and 225Nm of torque at 4000rpm, lugging 320kg wet.

Now, stay with me here. A 2024 Toyota Corolla has a 2-litre four-cylinder petrol donk putting out 126kW of power and 202Nm of torque. Dragging around 1300kg. Just let that comparison settle in for a second.

The Storms are off their collective nuts in regard to grunt? Oh yes indeedy.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm review

I guess you need a bit of intervention here and there with all that mayhem available at the right grip. To that end the tech levels are pretty well up there.

The Storms get three ride modes (Road, Sport, and Rain), and a custom map configurable to a rider’s specific preferences. You can change the throttle map and the traction-control settings, in addition to the cornering ABS. Oh and there’s Hill Hold, which is pretty handy on a big bugger like this.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm review

At the pointy end there is is a 47mm Showa inverted fork which is rebound and compression damping adjustable, and the rear Showa shock is fully adjustable, including a hand operated spring preload adjustment.

In the cockpit we get a colour TFT dash which tilts to suit your height. I like the fact that that the switches are backlit. and a joystick on the left makes navigating the electronics pretty easy. You can play with the screen to personalise that too.
Anyway. Enough talk. Click on the video link and hold on tight. These things are flippin’ faaaaast.

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