The Great Man rarely throws the doors to his amazing collection of err… motorcycles. Snaggy gets rare access on Spannerman’s Magical Mystery Shed Tour in our latest video. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…

For those that came in late, or are new to this INFO MOTO caper, here’s some background. Spannerman is the IM team’s go-to technical guy. He’s built them, fixed them, studied them owned them and spent a good deal of his life writing about them. In short, his wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed in the wonderful world of motorcycle mechanics.

OK, that might have a little more mayonnaise on it than is strictly factual, but you’re still reading so that paragraph has done its job. I’ve always held to the maxim that ‘truth is overrated’ anyway.


In this blockbuster cinematic experience, we are given an Access All Areas pass into our hero’s very inner domain. Yes. Behold the Batcave of Wonder that is Spannerman’s Shed. It is cram-packed with bits, pieces, whole bikes and a goodly dash of dastardly secrecy. And something with big red eyes that only comes out at night, but, rest assured, the pest control bloke is coming next week.

Oh, and empty wine bottles, but that only serves to spice up some of the death defying yarns that Spanner reveals exclusively here. I’d like to say for the first time, but I’ve endured most of them many times over. It’s your turn to do some of the heavy lifting.

Spannerman Tingate SR500

We arrive with gifts – as one does when in the presence of royalty. In this case a care package of the latest Autoglym automotive products. He even wheels out a very, very rare Australian classic and sets about giving it a big birthday using the Autoglym gear. That’s worth the price of admission on its own. You see, he’s not known for a strong sense of aesthetic style. You have eyes, so you probably had that.

A shed full of shitters or a treasure trove of motorcycling majesty. You be the judge. One thing is for sure – each of his madly varied range of bikes has a story. Some of them are even true. All are interesting.

As was once famously muttered when he was making a late-night speech to a captive audience in a bush pub (it was pissing down outside), ‘he’s good, but he’s on too long’.

Indeed, light a big cigar, poor a cognac and put your feet up. You are going to be changed forever as we delve into the mind of a genius. Troubled, but a genius nonetheless. Watch the video here.

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8 months ago

Love it…. 💖

glenn maisey
glenn maisey
8 months ago

a very nice way to spend 39 minutes