Melbourne motorcycle workshop Kustom Kommune is hosting a welding and fabrication course in 2020.

There are currently five dates set, February 3, April 6, June 15, August 24 and November 2.

The course starts at 6:30pm and runs until around 10:30.

It is priced from $179.00 per person, or $129.00 for Kustom Kommune members.

Tickets can be bought here.

From Kustom Kommune:

This one-night course covers the basic theory of welding, with specific instruction on MIG, TIG & ARC welding and angle grinding.

Information covered includes safety, machine set up, how to weld with each specific technique and understanding whether a weld is sound or not.

Practical instruction will consist of fillet welds, butt welds and corner welds, using each type of welding process. If you want to tack on a bolt, make a seat pan, weld up gussets, attach two pieces of metal together or understand the black magic surrounding welding, this is the course for you.

You don’t need to bring anything with you, everything needed is provided, including drinks and snacks!

Do wear enclosed footwear, long sleeves and non-synthetic clothing.

Kustom Kommune is run by a group of dedicated volunteers that are passionate about motorcycles and the surrounding community, Kustom Kommune provides all the tools, equipment and networks you need to work on your motorcycle (or other projects). Service, maintain, customise, restore, learn or just hang out! Best of all, everyone’s welcome no matter what you ride or your level of experience.

Kustom Kommune is a relaxed, go at your own pace space, there are no bookings, no hourly rates. Once you’re a member, simply rock up and wrench.

Please note the course is limited to eight attendees per class and you will be teamed up in pairs.

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