Yamaha Motor Australia is supporting the upcoming MT Meet event at the Grey Gum Cafe, an event dedicated to the iconic range of MT based models, to be held on Sunday 5th April.

You would need to look long and hard to find a more devoted fan of Yamaha’s MT Hyper Naked range of motorcycles than 33-year-old Leon Cutts. In 2018, Leon attempted to set a record for the most Yamaha MT motorcycles in one location when he organised the World’s Biggest MT Meet at the famous Grey Gum International Café on Putty Road, Putty NSW. Despite poor weather, the inaugural event was a huge success and following a hiatus in 2019, plans are now well underway for the 2020 MT Meet scheduled for Sunday, 5 April.

Cutts still has his mind firmly set on an MT record, and Yamaha Motor Australia will be on hand at the Grey Gum Cafe to help make the day a memorable one for owners of these iconic motorcycles.

When: Sunday, 5 April from 11am until 2pm
Where: Grey Gum International Café – 8679 Putty Rd, Putty NSW 2330
Getting there: The Yamaha MT Owners Australia group has organised rides from Milbrodale Truck Stop at the northern end of Putty Road, and Windsor McDonalds (McGraths Hill) from the south, both departing at 10am sharp.

At the Grey Gum Cafe

  • Yamaha Motor Australia will display the full MT model range, including the new 2020 MT-03, as well as all MT-based models
  • Dave McKenna’s turbocharged, supercharged and MT stunt bikes will be on show with Dave also making a special guest appearance
  • Destination Yamaha Motor will show you how to achieve your bucket list dreams
  • Dance to the beat with live music
  • Keep fed and hydrated at the event barbecue or the Grey Gum Cafe
  • Park your MT in the dedicated VIP parking area for MT and MT-based Yamaha motorcycles. The iconic MT-01 and original single-cylinder MT-03 are also invited
  • Everyone and all motorcycles, makes and models are welcome
  • Free Yamaha giveaways across the day with Yamaha staff scouring the VIP parking area for the best-looking and most-interesting examples of Yamaha’s iconic MT machines

And much more is still being planned. For further information and to be kept updated, visit the event page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/2701398339946090/

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