Mention the name Max Biaggi and you’ll get an opinion.

And there’s a good possibility it will be negative. Such was the nature of the diminutive Italian.

The simple fact is he could be a prick of a bloke and he engendered a good degree of animosity from many quarters. But he could ride a motorcycle, of that there is no doubt.

The scene was the 1998 Czech Republic when Biaggi was on the Marlboro Honda NSR500, which was a bike that ook some taming. Think, light switch powerband.

Mad Max had just crossed the line when he decided to celebrate with a big wheelie.

Well, the wind got under the thing when it was definitely past the vertical.

We suspect Maxwell Not-so-Smart managed to grab a big toe-full of rear brake to bring the bike down, and that took some doing.

Thanks Max.

But dear old grumpy Max is not the only one to get it wrong in the Czech Republic. In 2009 Alvaro Bautista spectacularly looped a celebration wheelie in Brno.

The Spaniard had just clinched third place behind Marco Simoncelli and Mattia Pasini when he committed this post race oopsy on his Aspar Aprilia.

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