Honda Motorcycles reached peak 80s when it released its foldable mini-bike to fit in the boot of its City passenger car.

While the Motocompo has since become a collector, selling for ludicrous prices in the used bike market, it was launched for far more practical purposes.

Designed for commuters in Japan, the idea was that owners could drive their car to the city limits and complete the final part of their journey on the bike. Sweet, right?

Yep, that’s Madness, the English ska band famous for tunes like Our House and One Step Beyond.

To be as light as possible, the Motocompo uses a 49cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine, matched with a single-speed automatic transmission. With around 2.5 horsepower, the Motocompo could reach speeds of around 30km/h, depending on the rider’s weight.

Flip out the handlebars, seat and footpegs and the bike is ready to go. It even features all the legal necessities like indicators, a brake light and a headlight. Braking is managed by front and rear drums, and there’s even a fairly primitive suspension setup at both ends.

Earlier this year, a listing for an all-original example in pristine condition popped up online. The unrestored 1982 Motocompo was offered for €7,500 ($A12,454).

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