The INFO MOTO Podcast hit the road this week to catch up with friends and racing heroes, Robbie Phillis and Mick Hone. Join as the gang talk racing through the decades, as it REALLY happened. It’s horn!

There was a time when Australian domestic motorcycle racing was as popular and strong as anywhere in the world.

Factory teams abounded, names like Doohan, Magee, Crosby, Hansford, Cole and a dozen other absolute top liners ripped around tracks and tens of thousands of mad fans flocked to watch them. It was the biggest game in town and the bike world couldn’t get enough of it.

You see, it is simply impossible to talk about those days without the names Mick Hone and Robbie Phillis looming large. Real large.

With mechanical guru Alan Pickering, the Hone/Phillis combination weaved a special magic. Phillis was as good as anyone on the planet in the seat and Hone ran a ship the envy of the rest of them. Yep. A privateer team running on a super-tight budget that took on the very best – and beat them.

Indeed, here we are talking absolute Aussie racing royalty. Mick is the straightest shooter in the game and Robbie is a one-off superman, both on the bike and off.

Belt in and grab a strong cuppa. Here, we get the hard facts from men that know the absolute truth, and are not remotely scared to talk about it.

Let’s let the legends loose shall we…

See below for links to watch or listen to episode five of the INFO MOTO Podcast.





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