Well, well, well… Here we are again. Time to eat too much, remember why you can’t stand most of your family and reminisce on the year just gone.

And, that’s exactly what we intend to do, with Snag, Spanner and Spence in the salubrious INFO MOTO studio. Yep, fat chewing with three of the doyens of the Motorcycle Caper.
What happened in 2022 for the crew here at INFO MOTO?

Well, Spanner went overseas and completed A BOOK. He’s hoping to colour-in another in 2023, but that’s another story. Truthfully, he researched a real motorcycle book. Yeah, we were pretty gobsmacked too. I’ve read a bit of it. He goes from Bard to Verse. Sorry…


Spencer rode the latest and greatest Beemers in Spain, stayed up too late belting around Bangkok on a Hunter 350 and learnt that sand and a good bike can make a good rider of you on the Aprilia Tuareg. But a few of the incredible bikes he tested across the year.

Snag completed his Lap of Oz. Five months on the road, sitting in a tent and wondering just what the hell he had got himself into. Still, he had fun and some of that stuff made pretty bloody entertaining video gear. He’s still boring us silly in the INFO MOTO Bunker with tales of that epic little journey.

We produced a squillion news pieces, covered EICMA like Cristo covering an island, posted dozens of videos, attended event after event, recorded podcasts, produced newsletters and feature yarns.

INFO MOTO BMW S 1000 RR 2023

We attended launches of all the new gear worth covering and hopefully kept you lot a little entertained. It’s a grouse gig, and we never lose sight of how privileged we are making a modest quid doing this stuff.

We have even bigger ideas and schemes in the pipeline for 2023. Yep, look out Rupert, we are gonna blow you right outta the water. About time that happened, but I digress.

For now, sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… Light a big cigar, get comfy in the recliner as the lads have a lengthy chinwag about all things motorcycling, with a reasonable whack of absolute rubbish. Yep, we aim to please.

Indeed, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Folks, we give you, The 2022 INFO MOTO Holiday Special. Watch the video or listen via your favourite streaming platform at the links below.

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