We’ve rounded up INFO MOTO’s most popular stories from May, 2020.

Motorcycle footpath parking banned in Melbourne from “mid-June”

City of Melbourne will ban motorcyclists from parking on footpaths on a number of inner-city streets.

According to a statement, the decision to ban footpath parking in the city was to “create more space for people to walk on overcrowded footpaths near train stations and on narrow streets”.

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Braaap customers up in arms: “I still haven’t got my bike”

Lengthy delays and broken promises has Braaap customers fighting for answers.

Following our recent story detailing the tumultuous history of Australian motorcycle distributor Braaap, which included allegations of fraud dating back to 2016, a number of its current customers have come forward to express new grievances with the brand.

“It’s a great write up but there’s so much more to tell that’s been developing since November last year,” Braaap customer Michael Collie told INFO MOTO.

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The bikes that moto journos would actually buy: Seddo, Falloon, Allen (and more) weigh in

If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely pondered the question: if you had so-and-so dollars to spend, what motorcycles would you have in your garage?

Automotive journalists have the great privilege of having access to all kinds of bikes, often before they are available to the public. Nevertheless, the bike-scribe profession ain’t exactly the most lucrative, and so many of us have to think long and hard about how we’d spend our loot.

We recently asked a number of Aussie motorcycle journalists what bikes they would actually spend their hard-earned cash on, with a couple of stipulations. Those who join in are to pick four motorcycles, they must be new, and each must fall into a specified pricing bracket. And well, that’s about it!

See what some of Australia’s best motoring journos had to say…

New BMW S 1000 XR video review

The new BMW S 1000 XR is about as refined a motorcycle as you can get. If you like it super classy and sophisticated, like a touch of comfort as you destroy the competition in the hills, this may be the bike for you.

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Lorenzo to Agostini: “How easy it is to talk when you haven’t ridden a motorcycle for 50 years”

The bizarre feud between Jorge Lorenzo and Giacomo Agostini continues, as the Spaniard disputes claims that he “failed” at Ducati and Honda, reports crash.net.

It all started when Ago suggested that Lorenzo’s mediocre form was a matter of the mind.

“Twice he has failed and has not achieved results,” Agostini said. “The bike is important, but sometimes it’s the head that makes the difference.

Lorenzo responded on social media, saying “do I owe money to this man or what?”

“He says I failed in Ducati … Come on man! How easy it is to talk when you haven’t ridden a motorcycle for 50 years.”

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