INFO MOTO’s custom Triumph Speed Twin project gets seriously underway…

The Super Build Project welcomes Australia’s top Triumph man, Cliff Stovall. Things are getting very serious in the INFO MOTO workshop, with our Speed Twin Super Build locked and loaded.

For those that came in late, here’s the lowdown on our plans.

We’ve taken a bog-stock 2021 Triumph Speed Twin and are hellbent on showing just what can be done with a competent motorcycle, to arrive at a high-end one-off example. Faster, better handling, custom paint, a grab bag of genuine Triumph accessories, all put together by the smartest Triumph bloke in this wide brown land.

Custom Triumph Speed Twin 2022

Yep, we are customising the bike from the bottom up and we want you along for the fun.

This is our second instalment of our video series that will follow the build, all the way to a minging, smoking mono out the gates here at INFO MOTO HQ.

Of course, you can keep up to date at and our YouTube channel. In fact, let’s make it even easier. Subscribe and you won’t miss a minute as Cliffy and our crew spin the spanners, and have a mad laugh along the way.

Over to Snag and Cliff for the guts of the evil plan…

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2 years ago

hi, I’m doing a speed twin 2022 now but I’ve got a question for ya will I need to use the spindle and spacers from a speed triple rs in the rs ohlins?. I’ve got the forks in all good but when I torque the front wheel I’ve got about a 2 mm gap between the leg and the spacer on the floating side using the speed twin spindle and spacers.