As something a bit different for INFO MOTO, we headed to legendary enduro rider Tim Coleman’s property in Glenmaggie to learn the elusive craft of trials. Watch the video here…

We were aboard Sherco’s latest range of trials bikes, specifically the middling 250 model, an ideal machine for both newcomers and experienced riders. Sherco also offers a 125 and 300 model, all similarly specified and two-stroke powered.

It goes without saying that it was a steep learning curve, but after a few hours of clumsiness under Tim’s instruction (and one rather large off) I found myself climbing and bouncing over things I hadn’t thought possible.

Riding a trials bike well requires a healthy combination of lever control, balance and composure – skills that surely translate to the road to make you an all-around better motorcyclist, whatever the discipline.

If you get the chance, you must give trials a go. It is simply intoxicating fun…

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