This month I’ve been getting around on BMW’s all-new CE 04 electric scooter – my first extended test with an all-electric vehicle. My intention is to just go about my business using the bike as often as possible and seeing what problems (if any) arise, and what might be some of its inherent benefits. 

In my first video, which you can watch below, I rode around local streets with a bit of time on the freeway. I’ve been so impressed by its low-down torque (0-50km/h in 2.6s) and overall build quality.

It’s also so refreshing in its styling, almost sci-fi inspired. The heated grips and seat have been much appreciated, as was the reverse function when I found myself stuck on a dirt track which you’ll see. It’s deceptively long in its wheelbase and quite heavy, though it hides its size well and has a planted feeling on the road.

Range has been less of an issue than I anticipated, with the massive TFT screen giving constant feedback regarding the battery charge level and how efficiently you’re managing it.

Next week I’ll upload another video looking into what it’s like to charge the BMW CE 04 both at home and at public fast charging bays. Watch the first episode of Living Electric here…

What we like (so far):

  • Fast to 60km/h
  • Lots of useable tech features
  • Grouse styling
  • Solid build quality

Not so sure (as yet):

  • Exxy for a scooter ($21,690)
  • Silence uncomfortable in traffic
  • Seat made pillion nervous

BMW CE 04 review

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