Greg ‘Snag’ Leech puts Yammie’s well-priced sports tourer, the Tracer 900 GT through its paces. It’s cheap, but does it cut the mustard? Now, what’s the guts with this thing? I thought you’d never ask. Easy. The number one attractant for me is that engine. I love triples. Simple as that. There is no sound like the crisp yowl of a good triple bouncing off the walls of a mountain pass in the morning. If there is not a girlie or boylie stirring in your frontal jodhpur region at that aural (steady now), experience, well, get yourself a defibrillator.

So… At $16,999, the 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT makes so much sense it’s embarrassing. Again, I’m a triple tragic, but that aside, this is a stellar engine anyway. Adjustability is good on the GT, handling sharp but steady, there’s a competent electronics suite, baggage, and user- friendliness all over the shop. Again. If I could own three bikes, this would be one of them. I think that comes off a little sucky. I hope not. In short, I love this bloody thing.

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