Traditional trackside camping at Phillip Island for the MotoGP weekend set down for October 14-16 will be severely affected for this year’s event.

Recent heavy weather has rendered large sections of the area alongside the circuit unusable and organisers are scrambling to alert racegoers, many of whom have prepaid for campsites. Refunds are said to be available for those so affected.

With accommodation for marshals and officials likely to be reallocated, some areas publicly sold will be reclaimed and refunds given to those losing their bookings.

Organisers claim to be unable to access areas to commence the installation of infrastructure and amenities, and many areas will remain off-limits to vehicles for an extended period.

MotoGP campground phillip island

Site inspections suggest the situation is unlikely to change, which means that large areas of the campgrounds will remain unavailable for use at this year’s event.

With accommodation at a premium during Grand Prix festivities, many will simply not be able to attend the event, with the knock-on likely to heavily affect attendance numbers.

If attendance is no longer an option due to the campground closures, patrons will be able to obtain a refund on 2022 event tickets.

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1 year ago

I tried for camping but was booked out after the second day, wasn’t happy booked 5 minutes down the road now extremely happy