Triumph will release new special edition variants based on its Thruxton RS, Street Twin and Rocket 3 models in January of next year, each distinguished by unique paint and styling details.

Like the Bonneville Gold Line range that was revealed last month, the latest Triumph special editions will not be limited to a number of units, but will only be offered for the 2022 model-year.

Triumph Street Twin EC1

The Triumph Street Twin EC1, named after the London post code, draws inspiration from English custom motorcycle culture with a silver colour scheme and dedicated graphics on its tank and side panels.

Pricing for the Triumph Street Twin EC1 is set at $17,150 rideaway, which translates to a $1160 premium compared to the base Street Twin model.

Triumph Thruxton RS Ton Up

Meanwhile, the special edition Thruxton RS Ton Up references British cafe racer culture of the 1950s and ’60s with its bespoke blue-and-black colour scheme that includes ‘100’ graphics as a nod to Triumph’s 100mph lap of the Isle of Man TT in 1969.

Triumph will offer the Thruxton RS Ton Up from $27,150, up $1560 compared to the standard model.

Triumph Rocket 3 221

The Triumph Rocket 3 221 special edition is so-named as a nod to the bike’s 221Nm power output, featuring a red colour scheme and tank graphics detailing its performance figures and engine specifications.

The 221 special edition variant will be available in both Rocket 3 GT and R guises, priced from $35,850 and $36,850, respectively. For comparison, the standard Rocket 3 range is priced from $34,690 (GT) and $33,690 (R).

No performance or technology upgrades have been made to any of the aforementioned models for 2022.

As previously reported, Triumph will release eight new Gold Line variants across its Bonneville modern retro range in December, which come at a roughly $1200-1700 premium over the models upon which they are based.

2022 Triumph Street Twin, Thruxton RS, Rocket 3 rideaway pricing:

Triumph Street Twin – $15,990
Triumph Street Twin EC1 Edition – $17,150
Triumph Thruxton RS – $25,590
Triumph Thruxton RS Ton Up Edition – $27,150
Triumph Rocket 3 R – $33,690
Triumph Rocket 3 R 221 Edition – $35,850
Triumph Rocket 3 GT – $34,690
Triumph Rocket 3 GT 221 Edition – $36,850

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tom wilson
tom wilson
2 years ago
  1. What is happening with the Triumph Hurricane (up- dated copy of the 1970s one?) I saw a few artist impressions then all went quiet.