Yamaha Motor Australia has confirmed the arrival of a number of new models in the last month, including the new MT-07 and MT-09 naked bikes, and indeed the Tracer 9 GT sports tourer, but will pass on the new Tracer 7 due in part to a lack of expected demand. 

The brand’s local wing offered the MT-07-based Tracer 700 in a unique LAMS configuration from 2014, but dropped the model from its line-up for 2020 as the model received an update.

Last week, the latest iteration of the Tracer 700 was unveiled, including a higher-spec GT variant, however, Yamaha Motor Australia told INFO MOTO that the original Tracer 700 with a LAMS 655cc engine “did not retail in large numbers”, and that it would not import the 2021 model “immediately”.

Yamaha Tracer 7 2021
Yamaha Tracer 7 2021.

Overseas, the Yamaha Tracer 7 is specified with a 689cc parallel-twin that delivers 54kW and 68Nm, and features wide handlebars and an adjustable screen for touring versatility.

A recently unveiled GT version adds some 20-litre side cases and a bespoke seat for extra comfort on long stretches.

Meanwhile, the larger-capacity MT-09 Tracer has proven a hit Down Under, and so its Tracer 9 successor will launch locally in GT guise from April.

Yamaha Tracer 9 GT 2021
Yamaha Tracer 9 GT 2021.

For 2021, the Tracer 9 features an 890cc triple engine, with torque boosted by seven per cent to 93Nm, and peak power now at 87kW (+3kW).

With the powerful engine, the Tracer 9 is far more advanced than the Tracer 7, adopting the brand’s six-axis rider-assistance suite, an up/down quickshifter, grip warmers, cornering lights and twin 3.5-inch TFT instruments.

In 2021, Yamaha will also release a new MT-07 naked bike in both LAMS and full-power configurations, a new-look MT-09 and higher-spec MT-10, while the larger MT-10 and the entry-spec MT-03 will carry over.

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3 years ago

This seems like a strange decision. Did Yamaha Aust think that Tracer 700 LAMs version didn’t sell in big numbers because it was in fact a LAMs model that many couldn’t justify the price for? But if it was full power it would open it up to more of the market. Cheap to run and insure but still a hell of a lot of fun. What is the competition vstrom? I know which one would have. Here is hoping Yamaha change their mind!

Reply to  Roy
3 years ago

I was all set to buy the 2020 lams Tracer 700 and whack nope you can’t have it well thanks heaps Yamaha!!! it’s the only decent tourer in that market in my opinion please bring it back !!!

2 years ago

I would definitely shell out for one of the new MT7 Tracers. The reason the lack of success of the original MT07 Tracer is BECAUSE it was a LAMS bike. This bike, in its full power variant appeals to a broad range of mature riders and in many cases stacks up as a much more sensible option for touring on Australian roads. Please Yamaha Australia, Bring this bike in! Its a great seller in Europe and I’m sure it would see similar success to the T7 Tenere in Australia.