Crucial details for BMW’s yet-to-be-revealed R 18 cruiser have emerged.

The forthcoming cruiser, which was previewed by the R 18 Concept, will be powered by an 1802cc boxer engine tuned to produce 67kW and 158Nm.

On the outside, the ‘Big Boxer’ is reminiscent of historic BMW models, but is equipped with modern features within.

At 1802cc, the new engine is the largest capacity boxer used in motorcycle series production.

The air/oil cooled engine has large ribbed cylinders and cylinder heads and a vertically split aluminium engine housing.

Including the gearbox and intake system, the donk weighs in at 110 kilograms dry.

The new motor features four valves, dual ignition, a modern combustion chamber architecture, intake manifold injection and the brand’s BMS-O engine management system.

A six-speed transmission and a single-plate dry clutch with an anti-hopping function will handle the huge torque.

The engine develops 67kW and 158Nm.
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