BMW Motorrad has revealed its new M 1000 RR, a flagship supersports model to sit atop the S 1000 RR range when it lands in Australia next year. 

The M 1000 RR will be priced from $50,990 plus on-road costs, or $57,990 with the M Competition Package. For reference, the base S 1000 RR is priced from $25,670 rideaway.

INFO MOTO can report that the bike will be built in January, with 25 units currently allocated for Australia. While the M 1000 RR is available to the public in such limited numbers, its primary purpose is for WSBK homologation.

BMW’s motorcycle arm has been playing with M Performance parts and packages over the last couple of years, although this is the first proper ‘M’ model, and may open the door to more high-end M variants in the future.

BMW M 1000 RR 2021
The M RR in track attack mode.

The M 1000 RR, or M RR as its often referred to by the factory, boasts significant improvements compared to the standard S 1000 RR, and will be available in two grades: the standard M RR, and the M RR with an M Competition Package that makes it even more suitable for the track (more on that later).

BMW M 1000 RR 2021
BMW promises greater feel from the M RR.

BMW Motorrad has extracted more performance out of its 999cc inline four-cylinder engine, with the M RR delivering 156kW and 113Nm, up 4kW/13Nm compared to the S 1000 RR.

On the track, the M RR will sprint from zero to 100km/h in 3.1 seconds before hitting a top speed of 306km/h (315km/h with race track gear ratio).

BMW M 1000 RR 2021 winglets
Aerodynamic winglets adorn the M RR’s front end.

The bike screams through a unique titanium Akrapovic exhaust from standard, but perhaps the M RR’s most notable exterior feature is its aerodynamic winglets.

These clear-coated carbon wings add additional load to the front wheel, which can in turn translate to stronger wheelie control and increased traction and drive.

BMW Motorrad says the M RR delivers better feel with a new chassis geometry trimmed for the racetrack. With a longer wheelbase, the bike is said to be more comfortable, while the adjustable pivot point has been rescaled and enlarged.

M 1000 RR brakes
M Performance brakes are featured on a production bike for the first time.

Meanwhile, a new rear axle and adapted brake system allows for fast wheel changes.

Speaking of brakes, the M 1000 RR is the first of its kind to get M brakes, which are distinguished by their blue anodised tint. These brakes match M carbon wheels, among other M components and branding.

BMW M 1000 RR 2021 dash
Performance settings can be adjusted via a large TFT display.

While the bike’s TFT display carries over, it does benefit from a unique ‘M’ startup sequence to remind its owner that they ride the range-topper.

Stepping up to the M 1000 RR with the M Competition Package gives the bike a racier look, and adds go-fast components like the M GPS laptrigger software, an M milled parts package and carbon bits, a 220-gram-lighter swingarm, a ‘maintenance-free’ chain and a tail cover.

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3 years ago

Nice. And smart. Unlike Honda, offering a “garden variety” alongside…..