Brough Superior’s new AMB 001, which was co-developed by English carmaker Aston Martin, can be seen on track for the first time in a new teaser video.

Little is known about the AMB 001’s performance capabilities, however, the track-only sportsbike can now be ordered in Australia for a whopping $185,000.

The AMB 001 sits atop the new Brough Superior line-up, and uses a turbocharged version of Brough’s 997cc 88-degree V-twin engine.

Brough Superior AMB 001.

“Everybody involved has managed to make tremendous progress with the development of AMB 001, despite the challenges we have all been facing,” said Aston Martin CEO Marek Reichman in a past statement.

“This special motorcycle is, like our road cars, the result of beautiful design melding with modern technology to produce a bike that any collector will be proud of.

“We are delighted to see how much progress has been made, both on and off track and look forward to the moment when production starts for this stunning machine.”

Brough Superior recently opened a new local distributor based in Brisbane, and plans to develop a showroom, as well as appointing “the best available dealerships in key locations” across Australia.

Brough Superior Super Sport 100.

Positioned at the top end of the market, pricing ranges from $105,000 plus on-road costs, all the way up to $185,000 for the turbocharged AMB 001.

All bikes are built in Toulouse, France, and are sold in Australia with a two-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

Brough Superior also offers its Super Sport 100 and Pendine Sand Racer from $105,000 apiece, while a highly limited Anniversary model is offered from $168,000.

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