Speaking at an event in Melbourne this week, former professional motorcycle racer and two-time MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner called for big changes to be made to premier class technical regulations including a ban of aerodynamic winglets and a reduction in advanced rider aid technology.

“Let’s see riders showcasing their ability, not just engineers showcasing theirs,” said Stoner.

“[Modern racebikes] put a lot more emphasis on braking points and overtaking under brakes, and because everyone can exit the corners quite well, you’re not going to make those mistakes of wheelieing or sliding too much, unless the engineers have got the numbers wrong.


“Generally to make an overtake you have to take huge risks. The bikes are wider, they’ve got winglets which create a lot of dirty air, you’re getting overheating brake temperatures, all of these aspects which I think do not need to be there.

“A lot of people say ‘you can’t stop the industry from moving forward’, but I disagree with that because we’re riding prototypes here, we’re not riding street bikes.

“F1 doesn’t even have traction control, but we have. They don’t have adaptive suspension but we have it. All this stuff was banned maybe years ago.

“I’d love to see these [premier class racers] with the power that they’ve got now showcase that power. I’d love to watch it.”

Jack Miller

Stoner also fielded questions about why he retired from premier class racing at the height of his career.

“There’s lots of things I still absolutely love about the sport, love about riding, but the more I had people controlling me I didn’t like it. Unfortunately it just seemed to be a constant headache and a constant direction it was going.

“That and the fact that sometimes I’m not great at dealing with people, especially with my career and a lot of pressure and stuff like that and unfortunately it seemed to be 95 per cent of my job, and only five per cent was on the bike riding.

Casey Stoner

“Doing what I actually loved was the smallest part of my job and it got to the point where I was saying I’m not really in love with this at the moment.

“I felt like if I did one more year, which I got offered a heck of a lot to do one more year, it was hard to turn down, but it was never what the sport was about for me.”

Also present at the event, Jack Miller, quipped in response “you’re a better man than me”.

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