Chinese bikemaker CFMoto has added yet another string to its bow with the announcement of its forthcoming CFMoto electric sub-brand.

The as-yet-named sub-brand was previewed this week with the reveal of the 300GT-E, a CFMoto electric motorcycle built for police departments in China.

Powering the 300GT-E is a water-cooled electric motor generating 18kW, which is said to push the tech-heavy tourer to 120km/h, with a riding range of 150 kilometres.

CFMoto 300GT-E

Along with police communications gear, the 300GT-E features a 7.0-inch TFT instrument cluster with onboard satellite navigation, a height-adjustable windscreen and LED lighting.

Although an electrified production model has yet to materialise, CFMoto Australia director Michael Poynton suggested that the 300GT-E “represents the beginning”.

“Given the rapid rate of pace for the brand – and its recent R&D boost thanks to KTM – it makes sense that CFMoto invests heavily in a future of sustainable, electric vehicles,” said Mr Poynton.

“Beyond its police lights and sirens, the 300GT-E represents the beginning of a standalone electric sub-brand for CFMoto in the not-too-distant future.”

CFMoto electric

Asked about Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles, CFMoto director Michael Poynton told INFO MOTO that the market is “ready”.

“As for Australia being ready for electric vehicles, I believe for commuter models (including scooters) the market is ready and we’ll see more models rolled out across this segment in 2021.”

2020 has seen CFMoto make large strides in its planned expansion, entering new motorcycle segments and significantly upgrading its production capabilities, thanks in part to its solidified partnership with KTM.

Future models will be built in a new 150,000 square-metre facility in Hangzhou, China, which the brand says is capable of producing 50,000 large capacity motorcycles per year.

CFMoto 700CL-X

The brand has already outed its first non-LAMS model, the 700CL-X naked sportsbike, which will go on sale in Australia early next year.

Following that, CFMoto plans to develop the “largest, most powerful” motorcycle ever produced by a Chinese manufacturer.

More specifically, CFMoto is converting its CF1250 police bike for regular production, meaning that we will soon see a 1278cc V-twin-powered tourer.

Given it plans to convert the CF1250 police bike for consumer use, it stands to reason that the 300GT-E electric police bike may make its way to showrooms in some form.

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