Student Ty Uehara is developing a motorcycle helmet which will automatically connect a rider to emergency services in the event of an accident.

The ConTekt concept uses a GPS paired with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, four pressure sensors, Bluetooth speakers and a microphone.

In theory, the GPS and accelerometer will track velocity and location, while the gyroscope can determine if the helmet is rotating abnormally, and the pressure sensors are triggered when the helmet makes significant impact with anything while riding.

If two or more of these components are triggered, the system will call emergency services, and the rider is given a lifeline without having to move.

“I’m creating this helmet, not only for myself, but to assure more motorists are given a lifeline during any unplanned and desperate situation, so they too can return home to their families” explained ConTekt creator Ty Uehara.

The idea was entered into the 2019 University of Hawaiʻi Breakthrough Innovation Challenge, and won first place.

He also won a cash prize, which he intends to use to obtain a patent and develop a prototype.

Image source: CNN

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