Dunlop distributor Ficeda Accessories has launched the brand’s new Trailmax Mission adventure bike tyres, priced from $220 (front) and $290 (rear). 

According to Ficeda Accessories, the Trailmax Mission tyres is one of the most comprehensive tyre projects that Dunlop has ever undertaken.

“Customer input was key,” said the distributor in a press release.

“Engineers and researchers attended consumer shows, rallies and various events for years gathering data, and more than ten rider surveys were conducted among a vast audience.”

Ficeda suggests that previous adventure bike tyre offerings presented a compromise.

“The result of the research showed Dunlop that the existing offerings in the 50/50 tyre category presented riders with the ultimate compromise.

“You can have “this,” but you will give up “that.” The challenge to the Dunlop team was to create a tyre that didn’t force customers to compromise between street performance, dirt performance, ruggedness, or longevity.”

The Trailmax Mission features improved tread grooves, staggered steps in the grooves to create more biting edges for increased off-road grip, as well as a particularly aggressive upper sidewall to improve steering in sand, mud and gravel.

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