Zef Eisenberg, known for his insane land-speed records and wacky custom builds, is taking orders for a V8-powered motorcycle.

The Eisenberg V8 uses a 3.0-litre aspirated engine, which marries two Hayabusa motors with a flatplane crankshaft, and revs beyond 10,000rpm.

Somehow, Zef has managed to keep its total weight below 300 kilograms.

The engine produces around 500 horsepower, or 370kW.

With around 370kW of power, and a wheelbase of 1650mm, it’s fair to assume that this thing will be off its nut.

Huge Brembo brakes are featured on either end to bring the bike to a halt, and a six-speed GP-style gearbox manages the power.

European motorsport firm Prodrive is assisting Eisenberg to get the motorcycle approved for the road, however, orders are already being accepted.

What could possibly go wrong?

Source: https://eisenbergracing.com/


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