Triumph Motorcycles’ has released new images of its TE-1 electric bike project, as the new-model-previewing electric Triumph platform enters a new stage of development. 

The Triumph TE-1 project first made headlines in March of last year with the release of computer-generated renderings, but new images shown today reveal the electric Triumph hyper naked in the flesh, complete with Ohlins and Brembo hardware.

The bike presents as a futuristic naked-style bike, borrowing much from Triumph’s current conventionally powered line-up in terms of styling, but swapping a familiar three-cylinder petrol engine with a bespoke electrified powertrain.

Electric Triumph TE-1

Familiar design cues like the twin angry-eyed LED headlights, angular mini fairing, single-sided swingarm and exposed powertrain are reminiscent of the conventionally powered Triumph Speed Triple, though its snub tail section and bespoke tank give the electric sportsbike its own presence.

Following its next stage of development, in which the bike will be tested and developed on road and track, the electric Triumph TE-1 will be revealed with updated body panels and paint scheme.

It’s at this point, Triumph says, the full results of the project will be published, including the final specifications and testing outcomes, as well as battery and riding range information.

“The overall objective of the TE-1 project has been focused on developing electric motorcycle capability, in order to provide an input into Triumph’s future electric motorcycle offering, driving innovation, capability, and new intellectual property, and enhancing the credibility and profile of British industry and design,” said Triumph in a recent press release.

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