The Emula electric motorcycle can emulate the sound and feel of various petrol-powered bikes with the flick of a switch, thanks to new ‘McFly’ technology.

McFly combines a number of components to make the usually silent, and linear, Emula superbike prototype, feel like anything from an 80s 250cc two-stroke, to a modern 600cc inline four.

In fact, this technology will be able to make electric bikes behave like just about anything, meaning you could effectively ride a Vincent Black Shadow and a Ducati Panigale in the same session.

To achieve this, the Emula features bass-shakers for engine vibration, a subwoofer for low sound frequencies, a clutch lever and gear shifter for realistic feedback, as well as two compact speakers for engine and mechanical part sound emulation.

The Emula also has a ‘Boring Mode’, which makes it perform like the electric motorcycle that it is, with a linear power curve, silent engine and single-speed transmission.

In this mode, the Emula can reportedly achieve a top speed of 250km/h.

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