The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has issued a press release urging Australian motorcycle license holders to “get on their bikes”.

FCAI motorcycle manager Rhys Griffiths noted the small percentage of license holders that are currently active riders.

In Victoria, only 45 per cent of motorcycle license holders are currently using their bikes.

“In Victoria there are approximately 420,000 licensed riders and 189,200 registered two-wheeler vehicles,” said Mr Griffiths.

“This means that 55 per cent of license holders do not have a currently registered motorcycle or scooter – and that’s a crying shame.”

In New South Wales, 59 per cent of license holders do not have a currently registered motorcycle, yet the figures are worse in Tasmania (63%), ACT (64%), South Australia (69%), Queensland (71%), Northern Territory (76%). In Western Australia, the figure is just 4 per cent.

Mr Griffiths urges riders to reignite their passion for riding.

“What drew you to learn to ride in the first place? Was it the quick commute? Skipping through long queues of traffic? The easy parking? That indescribable feeling of freedom when riding?” he asked.

“To the riders already on your motorbikes, it starts with you. Make it your mission to get your friends and family without bikes to get back out there. Remind them of the passion they’ve forgotten and get riding!”

The press releases from FCAI also pointed out key benefits of riding a motorcycle, like the ability to mitigate Covid-19 risks posed by public or taxi transport, without adding to traffic congestion.

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Kevin Bermingham
Kevin Bermingham
3 years ago

WA not in the Federation??