Motorcycle racing governing body FIM has expressed its support for Australian rider Sharni Pinfold, who recently announced her departure from motorsport due to alleged ‘misogynistic treatment of women’ within the motorcycle industry.

Last month, Pinfold released a statement on social media to reveal she would ‘step away’ from motorsport.

“Throughout my journey in motorsport, I have experienced and been exposed to many challenges, some that I struggle to even speak about,” said Pinfold.

“Most of the challenges I have faced, have been sourced from the lack of respect and derogatory treatment of women.

“Things that I know that I would have never had to experience if I was a male,” Pinfold continued.

Sharni Pinfold motorcycle industry news

The 25-year-old rider, who has competed in the British Moto3 Championship among other series’, has not revealed specific instances of mistreatment, but says she aims to raise awareness for gender inequality within the sport.

“It would be easy for me to sit back and point fingers at the people responsible, but I feel that true strength is determined by how we respond. I am not here to be a victim, I am here to stand for what is right and extend that message outwardly for all women,” she said in a recent statement.

Sharni Pinfold

The FIM, working alongside the Australian Motorcycling Federation, has said it maintains close contact with Pinfold, and takes her previous statements ‘very seriously’.

“The FIM recalls that the practice of motorcycling is open to all without discrimination and condemns any form of behavior contrary to these values,” said FIM in a press release.

“Any form of discrimination based on political, religious, sexual or racial grounds shall never be tolerated.”

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