Everyone’s favourite maniac Guy Martin has attempted to replicate the famous jump from 1963’s The Great Escape for his upcoming documentary.

The original jump was performed by Steve McQueen’s stunt double, Bud Ekins.

For this task, Guy used a new Triumph Scrambler 1200, which was reportedly modified with reinforced shocks to absorb the impact of the jump.

Captain Virgil, played by Steve McQueen and his stunt double Bud Ekins, famously tried to clear two barbed-wire fences in an attempt to escape the Nazis, however, he only managed to jump the first fence, leading to his capture.

In true Guy Martin spirit, the Isle of man TT legend decided to one-up Captain Virgil and jump both the fences in one leap.

According to reports from overseas, he made it – just, though we’ll have to wait for his documentary to air next week to find out exactly what went down.

Watch the original scene from The Great Escape here.

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