A leaked image of the Harley-Davidson 338R, the brand’s new low-capacity twin developed for Asian markets, confirms initial speculation that it shares a platform with the Chinese Qianjiang QJ350.

Earlier this month, INFO MOTO published images of the Qianjiang QJ350, which we suspected to be the basis for the new Harley-Davidson (then codenamed HD350) as well as the successor to the Benelli 302S naked bike.

The image of the Harley-Davidson 338R shows that the bike carries over a great deal from the QJ350, like the wheels, suspension, main frame and exhaust. The engine also appears to be unchanged, although it now sports the Harley-Davidson shield on its side case.

Harley-Davidson 338R
A leaked image appears to reveal the new Harley-Davidson 338R.

Speaking of, the engine is believed to be a 353cc parallel-twin that delivers around 36 horsepower, however, it’s unclear what changes, if any, Harley-Davidson has made to its internal components and tune.

Following recent news that Harley-Davidson plans to consolidate its model range in light of poor financial results in Q2, the launch of the 338R hangs in the balance.

Harley-Davidson’s previous boss Matt Levatich developed plans to reach new international segments, and to gain more customers in developing markets with the 338R.

The Chinese-built Qianjiang QJ350 serves as the basis for the H-D 338R.

However, Levatich’s replacement Jochen Zeitz has pulled back plans for new product as the company faces difficult times.

Mr Zeitz updated his turnaround strategy after the company recorded a $US92 million net loss in the second quarter of 2020.

Zeitz had already implemented his ‘Rewire’ campaign in an attempt to save the struggling business, however, Zeitz followed up with his new ‘Hardwire’ strategy, which will see more extreme measures put in place.

Among other changes, Harley-Davidson is expected to reduce its line-up by 30 per cent, and delay the launch of segment-breaking new models like the Pan America adventure bike and Bronx streetfighter.

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