The all-new Harley-Davidson Custom, as well as the platform-sharing Pan America adventure bike, is ‘planned for 2021’, according to the brand’s local consumer website.

Harley-Davidson had originally planned to release a number of new models using its Revolution Max platform, including the Bronx streetfighter and Pan America adventure bike, but apparent company instability saw it puts its future model plans on hold.

Harley-Davidson’s website lists the Pan America and Custom, as well as some electric models under its ‘future vehicles’ page, although the release of the Bronx streetfighter hangs in the balance.

Harley-Davidson Custom 2021
Harley-Davidson Custom prototype.

Powering the Harley-Davidson Custom is a 1250cc Revolution Max engine, which is capable of delivering “more than” 108kW and 122Nm.

A production version of the Custom has yet to be revealed, with just a prototype version shown, and a short blurb describing the upcoming model.

“The all-new custom motorcycle with a muscular stance, aggressive, stripped down styling and 1250cc of pure performance,” the Harley-Davidson consumer website reads.

Harley-Davidson Pan America 2021.

Earlier this year, after posting a significant profit loss in the second quarter, Harley-Davidson said it would concentrate its efforts on 50 markets, out of its roughly 100-market reach.

“We’re not willing to sacrifice the strength of our legacy in a quest for pure volume growth going forward,” said Harley-Davidson boss Jochen Zeitz in July.

“We are an extraordinary and desirable brand but that doesn’t mean we want to become everything for everybody.”

Harley-Davidson Bronx.

The company also suggested that it would consolidate its line-up.

“We have extraordinary product and more product in the pipeline, but the complexity of our product lineup has been quite substantial,” said Zeitz in July.

“Sometimes it’s even hard to know what product is what, and that complexity might be, for some customers, confusing at times, especially for those who come into the brand and would like to buy a new bike.

“That is not a huge problem but that is something that makes our lives from a product development and investment point of view more difficult.”

Harley-Davidson 338R
A leaked image appears to reveal the new Harley-Davidson 338R.

As INFO MOTO previously reported, Harley-Davidson has also been developing a low-capacity parallel-twin for Asian markets, dubbed 338R.

Meanwhile, its all-new LiveWire electric bike has officially launched in Australia, priced from $49,995 rideaway.

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3 years ago

Saw a Livewire today. Didn’t even know what is was, just thought hey there’s a Harley that doesn’t look stupid, heavy and slow 🙂
I thought, at last a Harley I could own! Then I realised what it was and how much it cost and put Harley back into the stupid bikes I’ll never own category.