Honda Motorcycles’ Australian arm told INFO MOTO that it will not be launching the recently revealed 2021 Honda CB1000R sportsbike Down Under.

For 2021, the Honda CB1000R modern retro takes on a more aggressive design and receives a boost to standard equipment, however, it is not to be for the local market at this stage.

At time of writing, Honda still offers its outgoing 2020 CB1000R from around $19,239 rideaway, while the smaller CB650R and CB300R check in from $12,153 and $7620, respectively.

Honda CB1000R 2021 silver
Honda CB1000R 2021.

The Japanese company this week unveiled seven new models in Europe, including the NC750X tourer, the X-ADV adventure scooter, the CB125R naked bike and the CB1000R.

Honda also unveiled updates to its lower-capacity ‘SH’ and PCX125 scooter line-ups, neither of which are sold locally.

With Australia’s taste for power, it’s understandable why the NC750X would not be a necessary addition, with the litre-class Africa Twin taking up serious adventure duties, while the CB500X provides a touring option for LAMS riders.

Honda NC750X 2021
Honda NC750X 2021.

Popular in Europe, the NC750X has received a significant upgrade for 2021, with improvements to both the engine and chassis.

The bike’s 750cc engine is now more powerful, outputting 43kW and 69Nm, and a more advanced rider-assistance suite sees greater mode customisation, among other upgrades.

With a new frame and body features, the NC750X is lighter than its predecessor, while sharper LED lighting and a modernised LCD dash should lift its appeal.

Honda X-ADV Australia
Honda X-ADV 2021.

Meanwhile, Honda’s innovative, and frankly rivalless X-ADV benefits from a similiar update, though it gains higher-spec features like a 5.0-inch TFT instrument cluster with smartphone mirroring, twin LED headlights and daytime running lights and sharper styling throughout.

The entry-level CB125R debuts a new 125cc engine, delivering more torque, and as a world-first for its segment, boasts large Showa SFF-BP upside down forks as standard.

Honda CB125R 2021
Honda CB125R 2021.
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3 years ago

Would’ve liked to have seen the NC750. Not enough power? Meh – more than enough for a great commuter – which this is with that on-bike storage.

Simon Ireland
Simon Ireland
2 years ago

I wouldn’t hesitate to test ride the 2021 NC750X. If it fit me well I’d put down a deposit on the spot. It ticks all the boxes for me and my motorcycling proclivities. The only additions I’d like is cruise control and TFT display. I don’t accept there is no market for this bike here. It just needs better marketing to help people realise this bike, while no racer, does most things well and commuting efficiently exceptionally well. Come on Honda – do it already! Bring it to Oz.$13500 with DCT and it will be an easy sell.

Last edited 2 years ago by Simon Ireland
Simon Ireland
Simon Ireland
2 years ago

I want an adventure bike. The Africa twin is too big for me and the CB500 too small. The Suzuki Vstrom 650 is almost perfect however it’s down on torque and is still running ‘90s technology. The NC750X almost fills the gap perfectly. Maybe a baby Africa is needed but with the updated, frugal engine internals and electronics and the NC750X style city ease.

Tom Jones
Tom Jones
2 years ago

I love the x adv. What a machine yet not available here. Wow. Crazy.

2 years ago

Australian Motorcycle traders must be the worst in the world. They only like importing weak as pi#$ LAMS bikes. No new CB1000r’s!!! Crikey even little NZ gets them!