Interested motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs in metropolitan Melbourne are being encouraged to take part in the launch of Motorcyclist Awareness Month (MAM).

The Motorcycle Community Engagement Panel (MCEP) wants as many varied motorcyclists as possible to attend in Melbourne, at Queensbridge Square, Southbank Promenade from 9am to 11am on Saturday October 1.

Riders will park on the Square via Southbank Boulevard, display bikes and engage with those who make decisions around motorcycling.

The event will be attended to by Motorcycle Community Engagement Panel (MCEP) members providing demonstrations and education on real world motorcycle issues.

Organisers say this represents the perfect opportunity for riders to interact with the public in a visible way to highlight that the person under the helmet is just like everyone else.

“Having input to the minister and key stake holders is imperative to influence and highlight areas of concern for motorcyclists in Victoria,” said MCEP board member Brian Rix in a press release.

“The idea is to personalise motorcyclists so that drivers think about us, look for us and give us space on the roads.

“We want to invite you all to come along for a few hours, help discuss issues with the us and the public in a highly visible display of all that is good about motorcycling.”

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