UPDATE 28/01/21: Video footage has emerged showing the extensive damage done to the motorcycle collection claimed by fire at the TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum.

19/01/21: A large fire broke out at Austria’s TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum yesterday, reportedly destroying everything inside, including some 230 rare and desirable motorcycles.

Firefighters were able to save surrounding buildings from the blaze, however, fire chief Matthias Klotz said that the museum and its contents can be considered lost.

At time of writing, the cause of the fire is unknown, although Austrian media outlets report that no people were physically harmed.

motorcycle museum fire

The TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum is located at the base of the Timmelsjoch alpine road in Austria, which made it the highest-located motorcycle museum in Europe at an altitude of 2175 metres.

Before last night’s fire, the museum exhibited some of the world’s finest examples of classic bikes and memorabilia from more than 70 manufacturers.

Brothers Alban and Attila Schieber founded the museum in 2016 to display a collection the pair had steadily built over their entire lives.

motorcycle museum fire

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