Indian Motorcycles has revealed its new ClimaCommand Classic seat which can provide both heating and cooling to riders and passengers. 

According to Indian, this patent-pending technology is more effective than current systems, and is innovative in that the seat is cold to the touch, rather than just pushing cool air through perforations.

“Despite advancements in heating and cooling for seats, we had yet to see a cooling technology that truly eliminated the discomfort of hot-weather, and with ClimaCommand, our engineering team has finally solved this problem,” said Indian Motorcycle vice president of parts, garments, and accessories Ross Clifford.

“Our thermoelectric technology paired with graphene material is truly a gamechanger, and another example of Indian Motorcycle bringing difference-making innovation to the market.”

Indian says that to conduct heating as well as cooling, the seat uses a thermoelectric module located within the seat that directly regulates temperature.

“Electricity is applied to a thermoelectric module to the graphene material, causing one side of the material to absorb heat and the opposing side to dissipate heat,” Indian explains in a press release.

“By reversing electrical flow, the hot and cold temperatures alternate sides. A graphene material, which is a nanomaterial created from 100 per cent carbon atoms, is then used to ensure the heating and cooling is dispersed throughout the entire seat.”

The seat also features independent controls for the rider and passenger, with three levels: low, medium and high.

Indian will also offer optional armrest pads and a backrest pad, which are specifically designed for the ClimaCommand seat.


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