Smart helmet with inbuilt lights incoming.

Helmets that do much more than simply protect the rider are becoming the focus of global motorcycle equipment innovators. On the back of the world’s first real ‘Smart’ helmet from Australian outfit Forcite, which sold out its first run of 1000 helmets in a month, both new and established brands are increasingly keen to get in on the act.

New to this list is Tali Connected, a company that claims to ‘dream of improving your safety, your connectivity, but also your visibility’.

The French firm claims to have come up with a helmet that delivers features that define the ‘smart’ label. Pencil in Bluetooth capability, smartphone connectivity, voice commands, calls management, navigation, music streaming, and a photochromic visor.

Notably, the new lid is capable of placing an emergency call when a crash is detected.

There’s also an app in development that supports the new helmet, allowing among other things, for an owner to track a lid’s whereabouts in the event of theft.

Tali’s big point of difference is to be found in its clever lighting system. The blinkers and brake light of a motorcycle are synced with strips of LED lights inbuilt in the helmet that act as turn and brake signals. If you brake, the red light at the rear of the helmet illuminates. When preparing to make a turn, the orange lighting will blink on the same side as the motorcycle. Pretty clever stuff.

The helmet has been under development for three years and is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the next stage of development.

Plans are to launch its first product before the end of 2020. It expects pricing to be set at around $US1200.

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