Pininfarina – the Italian carmaker known for its high-end supercars – is collaborating with Roux Helmets to develop water-cooled racing lids.

The helmets are built for car racing, however, the cooling technology could surely filter into the motorcycle industry.

With this system, the helmet can circulate 11-degree water around the wearers head, and can adapt to a CoolShirt kit which is used to manage the temperature around the torso.

The Pininfarina/Roux lids also feature a built-in drinking tube, an integrated microphone and a noise cancelling speaker system, packaged in a carbon-fibre shell.

New developments in consumer gear often trickle down from motorsport, so it is likely that we will see this technology make its way to the mass market in the near future.

For now, it will need to be proven on the racetrack.

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