Spidi is arming riders for the apocalypse.

Yep, you read it right, Spidi has created a new line of motorcycle gear that features wearable technology to monitor air pollution.

The jacket will warn the rider when they should be wearing the in-built respiratory mask.

Does Spidi know something we don’t?

“Spidi is paving the way for a new era in riding gear design, focused on the real-world challenges faced by riders in the 21st century,” a press release reads.

According to the brand, motorcyclists are exposed to urban pollution up to 100 times more than car drivers, and up to 10x more than cyclists and pedestrians.

“Such a significant risk needed to be addressed and resolved.”

The gear has three levels of feedback, low mid and high. At high level, through monitor visuals and vibration, the jacket advises riders to wear the mask and select the “alert mode”. Manually switching to this mode, users will deviate the inhalation airflow through higher protection filters and automatically open the exhalation valve in order to guarantee an optimal breathing resistance experience.

The “control panel” is integrated in the OLED display, placed at a safe point in the sleeve so as to avoid causing damage to the pilot or being damaged in case of a fall.

As well as air pollution data, the system provides basic information such as date / time and measures the internal temperature of the jacket, suggesting on the OLED display the removal or addition of the thermal lining when the temperature is too high or too low.

The system turns on and off automatically when it senses movement / stillness and it is completely independent and doesn’t require pairing with an app.

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