This might be the weirdest thing to come across the INFO MOTO desk…

Michigan-based designer Joey Ruiter has created a bike that looks more like some kind of Internet node than an actual motorcycle.

In fact, Ruiter says that the NoMoto Concept is “trying to push design to the point of not being there”, with its disguising metal panels and spray-painted graffiti touches.


“Yet this moto is fully functional,” said Ruiter.

“I wanted to create a piece that is museum-worthy, that’s completely unnoticeable and so familiar, you’re just going to walk past it.

“What makes the design unique is that when you push a button, the moto rises up and it flips open and a seat pops out. It is glamorous underneath its city-skin and you drive away on it.”

If nothing else, the NoMoto Concept’s design will surely make life hard for thieves…


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