Swedish electric motorcycle company Cake has entered into an extended partnership with Volvo’s performance subsidiary Polestar.

Cake builds minimalist electric motorcycles, and has been working on smaller projects with Polestar since 2019.

The clean and futuristic design of Cake’s electric bikes have reportedly resonated with Polestar customers, prompting the brand to solidify their relationship.

“Polestar feels a kinship with Cake, sharing both a belief in redefining performance and a passion for design,” said Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath.

“Our desire to help create an electrified and emission-free future is a clear bridge between us.”

Volvo and Polestar, like many European carmakers is putting a large amount of resources into electrification and more sustainable transportation solutions.

According to Cake CEO Stefan Ytterborn, the motorcycle industry will soon see a similar push towards electrification.

“The motorcycle industry is undergoing a similar shift towards electrification as the automotive industry. And with respect to those shifts, Cake is ahead of the curve,” he said.

“Cake urges people to explore with respect and speed up the transition towards a zero-emission society. We feel our high-tech bikes, with a beautiful design, inspired people to do exactly that.”

The Cake Kalk off-road motorcycle features a 10kW electric motor capable of propelling the bike over 90km/h, with a riding range of around 86 kilometres.

It looks like a bit of fun too, weighing in at just 79kg and featuring suspension by Ohlins.

Like with the local car industry, Australian riders are rather allergic to the idea of electrified motorcycles, and so the country will likely be slower to adopt products like this.

Nevertheless, brands like Super Soco have had some success selling budget-conscious electric models, suitable for urban riding Down Under.

What would it take for you to consider an electrified motorcycle? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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