United States president Donald Trump has pressured India to slash duty on large displacement motorcycles.

During a recent visit to India, the US president reportedly raised the issue of high import taxes put on CBU (completely built up) motorcycles.

This tax once stood at 100 per cent, but has since been reduced to 50 per cent.

Indian officials have reportedly reduced import tariffs on Harley-Davidson models with an engine size in excess of 1600cc, however, this change will also benefit manufacturers like Triumph and Indian.

It is believed the high import taxes in India were put in place in retaliation to Trump’s decision to raise US import taxes on Asian and European manufactured products.

As a result, Harley-Davidson has been forced to accelerate its building of factories in other countries, and reduce its focus on American manufacturing.

In 2019, Harley-Davidson recorded a sales slip for the fifth consecutive year in the United States, so it is critical that the company embraces outside markets.

Harley-Davidson ‘HD350’.

The brand is attempting to get back into the green by taking on new motorcycle segments, instead of relying on its cruiser models. In the coming years, Harley-Davidson will release the electric Livewire, as well as the Pan America adventure bike and Bronx streetfighter.

It is also currently developing a 338-cc parallel-twin model that is believed to be based on the Benelli 302S naked bike.

The yet-to-be-revealed baby Harley, codenamed HD350, will be primarily targeted at China and India, and is unlikely to arrive in Australia.

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