Police in the UK are employing a new methodology they call ‘Tactical Contact’ in a bid to apprehend motorcycle thieves committing further crimes.

The video has been released to publicise the Met Police force’s ‘Lock, Chain, Cover’ scheme. The animation shows a stolen scooter used in several crimes including phone snatches, a ram raid on a jewellery shop and fuel theft. In the video, the run of offences is brought to a spectacular conclusion when officers use ‘tactical contact’ to stop the offenders as they flee.

In short, they run over the riders.

The whole deal is designed to deter a rising motorcycle-based crime phenomenon that has seen scooter thieves in particular responsible for street thefts and assaults in the UK.

The manner in which the perpetrators are identified is not known, but the purposeful ramming of a rider draws into question the possibility of litigation. We are sure there is more to come on this.

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