The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) last year announced that the fitment of roll-over protection devices would be mandatory for all new ATVs from October, 2021. This decision was the nail in the coffin for brands like Polaris, Honda and Yamaha, as making their ATV models meet the tightening safety standards was simply not viable. 

The ACCC claims that it observed Israel’s ATV laws in deciding to make roll-over protection compulsory in Australia, saying in a recent statement that “Israel has had the requirement for roll-over protection in place for quite some time.”  

But according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), this is “simply not true”.

According to a press release from FCAI, while Israel did mandate the fitment of roll-over protection devices, they amended some of the rules in 2013.

“A major ATV manufacturer has been supplying utility ATVs – without fitting roll-over protection devices to them – to the Israel market since 2014,” the press release reads.

Yamaha chief operating officer Brad Ryan confirmed that the company does not sell ATV’s with roll-over protection devices (OPDs) anywhere in the world.

“In addition, to our knowledge Yamaha products are not parallel imported into Israel and fitted with OPDs,” said Mr Ryan.

“Yamaha is, as we speak, licensed to sell Utility ATVs without OPDs in Israel, and has been doing so since 2014.

“I think once Israel realised their OPD rules were too restrictive they re-negotiated the licensing rules.

“So the Israel thing is misinformation. I don’t know where it came from, but rumour has it the information was given to the ACCC by an OPD manufacturer, and presumably the ACCC simply didn’t check.”

Earlier this year, Honda Australia announced that it would exit the ATV market due to the new safety regulations.

Honda Australia motorcycle and power equipment managing director Robert Toscano was disappointed to hear of the tightening ATV laws, a sentiment shared by both Polaris and Yamaha, which have also been forced to discontinue their ATV lines Down Under.

“The new Standard is extremely disappointing for farm safety and the countless farmers who rely on quad bikes every day,” said Toscano.

“The safety of our customers is paramount, we will never compromise on this. Now that the rules have changed, it means we have to say goodbye to our ATV line up down under,”

“Safety standards must be evidence-based, in both criteria and testing methods, to internationally accepted standards. Honda has provided research to show the negative outcomes of the governments’ proposal but unfortunately it was not considered and we are here in this position today,”

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1 year ago

Must have for quad bikes….not so much for passenger vehicles which kill far many more people a year….but crickets from the govt on this minor detail….