Australian gear guru Andy Strapz sells some of the best motorcycling thermals on the market.

  • Aussie made, top quality ultra fine, non itch Merino wool thermal underwear
  • Designed by a rider who doesn’t let the weather stop him
  • Warm and comfy
  • Thermals are designed for the posture, position and varying activity level needed while riding a bike
  • Very light weight, integrating well with modern fabrics that are waterproof but breathable.
  • Adjusts to temperature, warm even when wet
  • Have boxer shorts sewn in for extra support and warmth
  • The waist band is broad, comfy and high backed
  • Long cuffs from ankle to mid-calf reduces the bulk of boots, socks and leathers
  • Male pants have a generous fly.
  • Ladies cut pants without the fly are available

Leg length is not that important as these need to finish around about the ankle. Just choose in waist size.

  • Small 75 – 85cm
  • Medium 90-95cm
  • Large 95-100cm
  • X Large 105 – 110cm

Get yours here.

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