A new modular smart lid has made its public debut in Las Vegas.

Livall, a Chinese company founded in 2014 and best known for the production of skiing and cycling helmets, has used this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil its initial foray into motorcycle smart helmet design.

The unit displayed at CES is equipped with a headlight and a 4K HD camera while the back of the lid features a tail-light that acts both as a brake and as a turn signal. In case of emergency, the lighting system can act as a four-way hazard flasher.

Two buttons allow the rider to access some of the helmet’s functions. Including rider to passenger communication, Bluetooth pairing status, battery life, and WiFi connection. A button on the right manages phone calls.

There’s a GPS unit and a blind spot monitoring system and speakers and the microphone are integrated directly into the helmet.

Inside, a heads-up display projects relevant information directly on the visor including speed, battery life, caller ID, warnings, and navigation instructions.

Interestingly, the helmet is modular and the chinpiece can be removed for an open-face look.

There’s no indication if and when the lid will make its way Down Under, but we’ll follow this one up as information comes to hand.

Las Vegas Nevada has played host to CES 2020. Held from Jan 7-10, the expo has seen around 4500 companies showcasing next-gen electronics and innovative products of all descriptions.

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