If you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket that looks and feels like an every-day, stylish garment, look no further than the Unbreakable Jacket from SA1NT.

Saint’s new Unbreakable Jacket (with armoured pockets) offers the protection you need on the road, while upholding the classic denim jacket styling that looks great and feels like you’re not wearing armour at all.

With D30 armour in the back, shoulders and elbows, this jacket remains flexible, light, and comfortable while protecting the crucial spots should you slip on a banana.

Women's Saint Unbreakable Jacket

The armour is also removable with sturdy Velcro pockets should you ever wish to remove them (for inspection before putting them back in of course).

Made with resilient UHMWPE-blended, black coated fabric and single-layer Dyneema enhanced denim, this jacket feels soft to the touch and flexible to manoeuvre the aerobics of motorcycling, while buying you time should that banana slip turn into a slide.

Complimented with two inner pockets, two outer pockets, two breast pockets and the cherry on top; a faux wool collar that comes in black or white. I prefer the all black look, naturally.

Women's Saint Unbreakable Jacket

What I have loved about this motorcycle jacket is that it just looks so damn good and feels like any other piece in my wardrobe. I can pop off to the shops or meet up with a friend and never take the thing off. Unlike standard motorcycle jackets with clips, buckles and way too much chunk for a social outfit.

Like a standard denim jacket, warmth or dryness is not the priority. So, I’d recommend this as a piece for warmer days, where you’d enjoy the breeze going through you and nothing too weighty on your sun smacked shoulders.

Women's Saint Unbreakable Jacket

I chose a size up, so I had a bit more space to throw on a hoodie underneath and it was suitable for those infamous bland Melbourne overcast days.

I do wish the jacket had a zip rather than stiff buttons, as I have spent up to a minute trying to unbutton when my hands are tired and cold. And forget about it if you have gloves on. The buttons look great as a stylish feature, but I wonder what would happen if I got into an accident and need to urgently grab my phone.

Women's Saint Unbreakable Jacket

The collar could also do with a zip instead of buttons, as it often unbuttons on its own. Other than that, I love this jacket and I often choose it over traditional gear because to look slim and hot without compromising your safety is simply irresistible!

  • Price: $600.00AUD
  • Colour: Coated Black with a Black or White Faux Wool Collar
  • Sizes: Small to XXL
  • Get yours here

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