Snag’s Lap took its toll on both bike and machine. I’ve tidied up my sorry carcass with a lot of beer since my return. Cicero the S 1000 XR took a bit more elbow grease…

I have to admit, it’s been a bit of transition from living in a tent, cutting out big kays every day and seeing stuff that still makes me go OMG. Domestic life is OK, but I’d be out there again in a flash, if only…

Yep 23,000km across this wide brown land, through floods, snotty dirt roads and quite a few ‘incidents’ have shaped a bit of a different Snag. And poor old Cicero bore the brunt of it.

Snag's Lap BMW S 1000 XR

You see, I used to keep my bikes spotless. It was all a bit crazy and over the top, my obsession with scrubbing, but that had to be abandoned, like most of my principles usually do. The big beast was kept in pristine mechanical condition during the journey, but by Christ, it got dirty. After a while on the road, you accept that. You simply cannot keep a bike clean for long.

A hundred million insects of odd sizes and varieties, three birds and a mofo metre long lizard committed suicide during the previously shiny rolling juggernaut that was Snag’s Lap. Red dust, that I’m still finding in crevices that will remain unnamed was just unavoidable. A crimson talc that grinds into pastes of industrial abrasive capability did its darnedest to ruin man and machine alike. Indeed, the bike looked unloved, and I felt like a prick for it.

Auto Glym motorcycle products

So, with class car and motorcycle care outfit Autoglym our podcast sponsor, I put in a call for a Cicero Care Package. Hey, there’s a marketing idea. I’ll talk to them about that.


Take a peek as Cicero get the much-needed Autoglym love treatment and comes up like the glossy, lovely animal it deserves to be…

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