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Suzuki Katana 2020 gets carbon treatment

Suzuki Motorcycles has released two accessory packs for its Katana 2020 naked bike: the Samurai Pack which adds a number of unique trim elements, and the Shogun Pack which includes new carbon fibre components. The...

Robbie Phillis, Katanas, and the real race heroes

The people that thrilled us are still here. And, still as fabulous. Australia has a wonderful record of motorcycle racing. We may well never see the like of it again. You see, there’s an entire...

Kawasaki GPZ1000R 2021: Renderings imagine modern Suzuki Katana rival

Late last year, Kawasaki uploaded a video to its official YouTube channel showing a timeline of the iconic GPZ900R, fueling rumours that a GPZ nameplate revival could be on the horizon. It may be wishful...

The King of Katana: Talking shop with Suzuki legend Mick Hone

INFO MOTO catches up with Mick Hone to talk about the new, and old, Suzuki Katana. https://youtu.be/K9vBtZO37Z4

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